Cardano-node 1.34.1 and P2P

If you want to run in P2P mode and still have cardano-cli work then you need to compile version 1.34.1 with a change to cabal.project as follows:

sed -i 's/tag: 4fac197b6f0d2ff60dc3486c593b68dc00969fbf/tag: 48ff9f3a9876713e87dc302e567f5747f21ad720/g' cabal.project

See here: Why I downgraded back to version 1.33.0 - #4 by weebl2000


Do I only need that tweak if I want to use cardano-cli against a p2p enabled cardano-node?

As it is currently, I’m planning to leave BP and at least 1 relay with p2p turned off, and have just one relay with p2p to “get best of both worlds”.


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If you run in normal mode, then cardano-cli works fine with and without this change.

I can confirm that my block producer and 2 different relays have been running in P2P for several days, and I have produced blocks. I have nodes compiled for amd64 and arm64. I haven’t noticed any problems.

Thank you!