Cardano Node Sync Timing

Hello all -
I setup my stake pool node for the first time. Following the instructions and I did cabal build all and then finally after getting the network files,
I ran “cardano-node run” - well it has been running for the past 16 hours or so, and I have a 50Mbps connection, so it shouldn’t take this long I imagine.
Here is what I’m currently seeing in the terminal:

[mainhqserver:cardano.node.ChainDB:Notice:60] [2021-08-13 16:47:58.97 UTC] Chain extended, new tip: d2b13613f46fd6fefbd631e01b09d2c893ca1ac6b295c8cf02b6dc8849024990 at slot 34097333
[cardano.node.resources:Info:25] [2021-08-13 16:47:59.27 UTC] fromList [("GcsMajor",Number 28.0),("CentiMut",Number 43599.0),("Live",Number 2.530041872e9),("kind",String "Resources"),("GcsMinor",Number 8685.0),("Heap",Number 6.40679936e9),("CentiGC",Number 12447.0),("CentiBlkIO",Number 0.0),("CentiCpu",Number 56046.0),("Threads",Number 16.0),("Alloc",Number 2.5871597372e11),("RSS",Number 6.463381504e9)]
[cardano.node.resources:Info:25] [2021-08-13 16:48:00.29 UTC] fromList [("GcsMajor",Number 28.0),("CentiMut",Number 43766.0),("Live",Number 2.53962752e9),("kind",String "Resources"),("GcsMinor",Number 8716.0),("Heap",Number 6.40679936e9),("CentiGC",Number 12473.0),("CentiBlkIO",Number 0.0),("CentiCpu",Number 56240.0),("Threads",Number 16.0),("Alloc",Number 2.595858242e11),("RSS",Number 6.463381504e9)]
[cardano.node.resources:Info:25] [2021-08-13 16:48:01.29 UTC] fromList [("GcsMajor",Number 28.0),("CentiMut",Number 43865.0),("Live",Number 2.542652984e9),("kind",String "Resources"),("GcsMinor",Number 8720.0),("Heap",Number 6.40679936e9),("CentiGC",Number 12477.0),("CentiBlkIO",Number 0.0),("CentiCpu",Number 56342.0),("Threads",Number 16.0),("Alloc",Number 2.59703170216e11),("RSS",Number 6.463381504e9)]
[cardano.node.resources:Info:25] [2021-08-13 16:48:02.31 UTC] fromList [("GcsMajor",Number 28.0),("CentiMut",Number 43965.0),("Live",Number 2.544637216e9),("kind",String "Resources"),("GcsMinor",Number 8723.0),("Heap",Number 6.40679936e9),("CentiGC",Number 12479.0),("CentiBlkIO",Number 0.0),("CentiCpu",Number 56445.0),("Threads",Number 16.0),("Alloc",Number 2.59793689776e11),("RSS",Number 6.463381504e9)]
[cardano.node.resources:Info:25] [2021-08-13 16:48:03.33 UTC] fromList [("GcsMajor",Number 28.0),("CentiMut",Number 44066.0),("Live",Number 2.545625416e9),("kind",String "Resources"),("GcsMinor",Number 8726.0),("Heap",Number 6.40679936e9),("CentiGC",Number 12481.0),("CentiBlkIO",Number 0.0),("CentiCpu",Number 56547.0),("Threads",Number 16.0),("Alloc",Number 2.59883831664e11),("RSS",Number 6.463381504e9)]
[cardano.node.resources:Info:25] [2021-08-13 16:48:04.35 UTC] fromList [("GcsMajor",Number 28.0),("CentiMut",Number 44167.0),("Live",Number 2.548362208e9),("kind",String "Resources"),("GcsMinor",Number 8730.0),("Heap",Number 6.40679936e9),("CentiGC",Number 12484.0),("CentiBlkIO",Number 0.0),("CentiCpu",Number 56650.0),("Threads",Number 16.0),("Alloc",Number 2.60002023288e11),("RSS",Number 6.463381504e9)]

Is it supposed to give this output? and How long does it take to finish? How can I tell I am closer to syncing the whole blockchain? I am trying to finde the slot and compare it to the slot range I’m currently seeing ~ slot 34038888

Any input is appreciated, running this for the first time so not sure what to expect next.
Thank you for your help.

Install gLiveView

Once you open it, it will provide you with all the information that you need to see.

Could take 2-3 days to download all the db as long the node is syncing is fine

When I try to get the gLiveView and run it, I get the following error, any thoughts?

ERROR: gLiveView failed to load common env file
Please verify set values in 'User Variables' section in env file or log an issue on GitHub

U have to adapt the paths in env file… check the coincashew guide

Double check that you installed gLiveView correctly and did the steps after right (chmod, env file locations…etc). If you are still have a problem, try to restart the server.

Just curious, since Daedalus wallet is syncing the full blockchain, how come it only takes an hour or so with a broadband connection? I ask, because I just started syncing each of my BlockProducer- and relay- nodes and gLiveView is reporting about 32 hours left to fully sync. The VPS provider I’m using advertises 600 Megabits/sec speed, which is way faster than most home broadband connections.

Perhaps, there is some extra work done by the node that doesn’t happen on daedalus sync?

I think BP also validates each block while syncing whereas Daedalus only syncs up the blockchain.

You could be right, Shibu. Thanks

I realized I was misreading gLiveView. It’s actually going to take my node process about 13 hours to fully sync the blocks as I’m about 10 hours into it and 75% complete. Even though it’s much less time than I originally thought, it’s still much more time than Daedalus wallet.

Cardano Node rate limits between peers. Network comms prioritises running the network and processing live transactions in mempool. Downloading the entire blockchain is designed to take a back seat to that activity. Otherwise to cause DDOS you would just connect a load of nodes and start them synching.

Daedalus still connects to dedicated IOHK servers if I remember correctly, so it can be faster.

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