Cardano on the rocks

Is this a private Telegram group( I keep getting an error stating that this group is inaccessible?

Might be you need to update your Telegram app, it seems you have been having the same issue on several of the channels, so most likely the problem is on your side, I would update the app and then restart your device.

I’ve checked mobile and desktop version of Telegram and they seem to be up to date. On my mobile device, I currently have 5.12.1, and on my desktop Linux workstation, I have 1.8.15 installed from the Ubuntu store. They seem to be the most up to date versions as of this moment. I’ve restarted both, and still scratching my head. I’ve never had an issue like this with a basic cat app before :frowning:

Maybe your ISP is limiting your apps?

@anon20038177 The crazy thing is that I’m still getting updates from Cardano Announce, etc, and can have discussions. It’s just when I try to join the Cardano General channel and other related channels that I get the “private group” error. I have a premium business service that shouldn’t be blocking and traffic. Not sure whats going on… Thanks for trying to help me trouble shoot. It’s frustrating that there doesn’t seem to be a Telegram admin for the Cardano groups that I can access. I’ve contacted the Telegram volunteer group as well, but haven’t herd anything back :frowning:

It does seem like it is on your side, its possible you have a conflicting application installed on your devices
@Andy_Hendrikx and @Katsumoto may have seen this issue before and are official mods on Telegram and if they have seen this before they might be able to help, if not I suggest you send Telegram a support ticket.

(On another note I would also suggest you try to utilize the app from another device, and please give the official channels 24 hours before your allowed to post to them- the time helps keep alot of spam out)

I’ve been in the “Google Verse” trying to find an answer and the only thing that comes up that I haven’t explored is the possibility that a channel admin blocked me. I have no clue why I would be blocked or banned since I’ve only tried to ask two questions, and one of them is on here (Errors Creating Stake Pool With Scripts and Jormungandr Release 7). I’ve already joined the groups and have been reading the post for some time. The other question was very similar to the one on the forum. Hopefully, @Andy_Hendrikx , @Katsumoto, or someone else can look into this issue as well. This is just frustrating because the Telegram users seem to be more apt to answer stake pool questions there, and I want to run more than a passive node on the testnet :slight_smile:

@Linicks what’s your question?

@DAPP360_MIKE can answer technical questions until you get your TG figured out, if you have access to the TG feeds you most likely are not blocked, I am still thinking the problem is on your side even if it is not.

@Linicks Do you already have a passive node running?

@DAPP360_MIKE Yes, I’ve had a number of passive nodes running but want to configure a stake pool. The node I’m trying to configure works fine passively. Here is a synopsis of whats happening when I try to use the create stake pool script.

I’m getting the following errors when I execute the (./ 3100 <PRIVATE_KEY_SK> script from here:


Error 1:

failed to make a REST request

|-> node rejected request because of invalid parameters

|-> Client Error: 404 Not Found


Error 2:

error: Invalid value for '–account-spending-counter ': cannot parse integer from empty string


Notes: I used the createAddress script from the same repo to create the address and keys. I’m currently using Jormungandr version: jormungandr 0.7.0-rc7 (HEAD-cf5fcae, release, linux [x86_64]) - [rustc 1.39.0 (4560ea788 2019-11-04)]

I am helping him out in another post he made. Hopefully, we can help him resolve the issue.

Hi @Linicks

Could you please send me your TG handle?


@Andy_Hendrikx @Linicks Did you provide Andy with your TG handle yet?

Is your question related to the Jormungandr testnet software, ir the RockPi assembling?

I built the hardware, It’s running I think the light is green the oled is working but do I now need to install jormungandr ??

yes it is I built the hardware its booting, but how do I continue?

error: failed to compile jormungandr v0.7.0 (/home/coinmeester/jormungandr/jormungandr), intermediate artifacts can be found at /home/coinmeester/jormungandr/target

Caused by:
failed to load source for a dependency on actix-net

Caused by:
Unable to update registry

Caused by:
failed to fetch

Caused by:
object not found - no match for id (cc6fffa12160707cfb7d4f0d07aca1cee1b3fdc1); class=Odb (9); code=NotFound (-3)

At the moment you can follow the official setup guides, but things change fast and frequently in current testnet phase. The plan is to provide a pool-installation script for a stable version. Please stay tuned…

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There is a new assembling howto video for the Cardano on the Rocks kit.

Thanks to Norbert from Allnet China