Cardano: Partnerships//Adoption

I created this topic to keep track of Cardano’s development as it relates to its strategic goal of becoming the financial stack for the world. We all know that adoption is key to Cardano’s success and I created this topic to follow the rate of adoption.

Here are a couple of interesting articles:




Do you have any resources we could add?

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Here’s one more

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I just realized that the link I added is more recent than the ones you have, which means I put it in wrong order.

Do you mind changing the order to chronological instead of most recent first? That way you won’t have to renumber them every time you add a new one.

I turns out my wording wasn’t correct. The last link is the most recent one. And I think we both may have posted the same thing—metaps plus partnership.

June 18: ADA available on eToro

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