Cardano Prints for 3D Printer?

So I just got access to a small 3D printer. Does anyone have any cool Cardano print designs I could have? Really want to print something Cardano on it.


I have all kind of designs but no Cardano for me, sorry.

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Besides the Cardano on the Rock PI case from @werkof there is this “crypto dice” that has a Cardano logo on one side:

And this coin, but it looks a bit odd:

Thingiverse is always a good start to look for funny things to print out.


The Cardano logo could easily be a bit hard to print with all the holes.
Especially if you have that on the bottom (first layer) So by having the logo on top it would makes it easier to print. So if someone draws a 3D Cardano thing, make sure to think about this.

Please tell me about compatible 3D format ?
FBX, OBJ, Alembic, other ?
I have experience with 3D creation, but no with printing :slight_smile:

.stl is most used with 3D-printing

Hi, I created some shape.
Let’s say it could be a lamp if you have semi transparent material.
Probably I should make it thinner, and save a lot of printing material, but first let’s test STL format.
(I used free online convener, I can not read it back, FBX also included)
Any feedback welcome :slight_smile: