Paper Wallets (Feedback)

Feedback thread, post below.

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Any chance of having a 3d printed wallet? You know because plastic is more durable than paper.

Could automate the process of turning the qr code to a bmp and generate an stl to be printed.

Solid update by the way.


Guess not, but your idea is really awesome, this proves how early stage this whole thing really is, I can image now a new startup company who want to print 3d wallets for cryptos. I am already thinking to start one myself, heh > ()


Might be an issue with privacy that the company printing could see your key. However, the generated stl could print out a cube that must be cracked open so only the owner sees it. Sounds like an exciting project. I’m well versed in the tech so would be up for having a go. Send me a pm if interested!

At least plastic is better than paper, (is waterproof), but ideally should be something also fire-proof, like the cryptosteel wallet, btw, there are some metal 3d printers but their prices are still prohibitive.

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I really don’t want to change the topic here with my crazy idea, I know that this is all about the updated roadmap and the release of the new paper wallet, which is cool, so yay! : ) Thanks for update folks! Keep up the good work …

I may open a new thread about the 3d stuff topic and we can chat there…

Maybe it would be nice for further paper wallet re-design to make like public contests so people can submit various types of design and the users can vote / or choose or something like this

Hi all,

How do we create a paper wallet from the Daedalus Wallet?

There’s no link under “Settings” to create paper wallet.

Thanks in advance.

Paper wallet arent avalible yet.

Thanks @Ghost

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Anyone know when paper wallets will be available?

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Could you explain why this is so difficult that it only stands at 10% development? What are the challenges that prevent you from releasing something that works, when there are other examples of this concept already implemented with other currencies? For example:

Thanks for your reply.


I like the idea, there is one for Bitcoin, but it could certainly be adapted if Cardano uses a similar private key or mnemonic for recovery.
This could be printed using metals or ceramics to make a hardened version.
Crypto Plastic:

Looking forward to the paper wallet solution when it comes out. I’d love to see a Github repo or something beyond the design. Is someone working on specs right now?

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I love the idea of paper wallets. My son used to print paper wallets for Lite Coin and Feather Coin and sell them on eBay, and it was such fun - before the eBay crackdown. I bet there are some happy campers out there that bought the Lite Coin. But the reason I like it best is that I can give the paper wallets to family members who are slightly tech challenged at getting into digital currencies due to some of the complexity in acquiring.

I think paper wallets promote new members to join the digital currency market. If Ada has a digital wallet I would be giving them out for holidays instead of gift cards that I have spent on which $25 or $50.

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Dear Cardano Devs,

I was excited to read from Charles that the new update for Cardano is about to be launched.

In my excitement I checked the Shelly update progress and had to face the truth that paper wallet dev is still at 10%, unchanged from back months ago.

I do not blame or criticise you, but please consider to speed this particular one up. As a strong believer in Cardano I am holding large funds of it on a centralized exchange. I know, I should install daedellus wallet and sync to the network and sends funds there. But I have simply no time to upgrade my pc (32bit old machine, probably virus infected) as I basically only use tablet and mobile phone nowadays.

Then I read this FUD that the centralized exchange got hacked and got really concerned… turns out it was just trading not got hacked. Lucky one…

I would really appreciate a solution to run on my offline laptop, like the many other paper wallet generators can do. Is it really so hard to make a java based website which generates a private/public key pair in an offline manner? You could help so many investors to get their funds off exchanges.

If it turns out to be so hard for Cardano, please consider your resources to improve on this security aspect rather than on other aspects.

Loving what you with cardano do and please keep it up guys!

Cardano believer.

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Please consider allowing users to generate their keys using seeds so that it can be used as a brain wallet too.