Cardano push notifications app

I have an ideea, perhaps someone had it before but I think it wasn’t implemented… anyway

I think someone from IOHK or another community member with coding skills should take it in consideration…

It will be awesome to have a push notification app for CARDANO (promoted on Daedalus/Yoroi) operated by IOHK. Should be used by the community and this way all cardanians will be connected and will receive notifications about SCAMs, PROJECTS, NEWS, UPDATES, etc


Hmm, if it’s too much, I could just continue to scan all the latest posts in the forum. And another app? Would people really install it?

Perhaps a Twitter (or insert your favourite network here) account that collects the most important (for a reasonably narrow definition of “important”) news would be already enough. Then, I could just put that on notification without the need for yet another app.

Probably u are right, but how many persons read on forum? What if the app will be promoted on daedalus or yoroi… anyway… it was just an ideea…

Having a feed of the most important news that could be displayed directly in Daedalus and Yoroi, used to feed Twitter/Signal/whatever bots, viewed on, … could be interesting.

The definition of „most important“ would be … important. Updates of protocol and core software, scam warnings, Catalyst dates, … what else?

Yeah but people are not keeping the wallets opened 24/24 but the phone is always opened.

Maybe the SMASH servers could have some kind of fraud score… the hard part is deciding who or what forms the arbitration mechanism that isn’t itself susceptible to corruption by vested interests.

A Cardano Announce channel on Telegram?

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I think there may be a lot of delegators, existing and new delegators that probably wouldn’t get involved with the community to the extent of signing up to a telegram/discord/twitter channel and could unwittingly jump into a less than honest pool.