Cardano Ranked #2 overall by new ratings agency

Wanted to congratulate the Cardano team and the community for achieving an impressive overall ranking of #2 on!

Rency ranks cryptocurrencies across 10 different categories using a rigorous and robust algorithm.

To see Cardano’s full report, go to:

There is a feedback form on the report if you find any of the data in the report to be inaccurate. Let’s make sure the report got all the numbers correct.

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Jay Severson, CEO


Nice simple web site and the results look reasonable. Looking over the ratings it shows Ada at #5 which is still quite good for a young crypto. Thanks for sharing this Jay.

Thanks @rickymac … appreciate the feedback and I agree that Cardano has a strong rating for such a young cryptocurrency. Everything on the site is a work in progress and we’re always looking to refine our ratings and will be add more features in the near future.

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@jseverson I just realized you are the CEO, so at least you know you got some honest feedback :+1:

Hi Jay @jseverson ,

Credit where credit is due. Congratulations on your well polished website, simple, intuitive with a cool design.

I browsed it a little and I appreciated the neutral and objective tone you are taking to describe each element, which is a difficult exercise.

Keep up the good work!