Crypto Cardano Rating

Has anyone read this report on Crypto briefing on Cardano? Gave Cardano an overall C+.Seemed to imply that low trading volumes indicate interest is waining in promises only.l found this report disturbing.Would be interested to hear your take on it.

Wow, what an extensive and well investigated read. Why does it only get an overall C+? Because, what’s up and running up to now is still quite limited and all the real beauty of Cardano is still under development while other projects are already operational. For us fans and believers this slow pace may not make a big difference, but for someone with the view from outside this includes quite some uncertainty which has to be addressed in the rating. I’m sure (because I’m a believer…) that in half a year the rating will look quite different.

Here the link:


I think some of the criticism was fair and things that need to be worked upon so I agree with you a well investigated read. Cardano has great potential however and I believe this was underplayed in the article. I think the Cardano Effect episode 9 now where Sebastian explain just how important for example it is to have actual verifiable proof you can present when you ask partners and governments to work with you highlights some of the strengths of Cardano that is not obvious at first. The research is not just research these things have huge implications from trust to the future of the system.


I looked at Core Team rating being 6.5, where I stopped taking this serious …

This is Cardano team, what,rated 6.5? What does that mean?