Cardano future

whats going on with cardano now? when will we see a significant progress? 60% of “my friend’s” investment is gone now. the only news i can see is SILENCE and DELAY…! we have not even received a fckn ledger yet !!!
i guess nobody here knows anything specific about the progress because the only thing i see on this forum is some idiots pushing each other constantly and claiming how great they are or how stupid the other side is…

i mean real progress that is reflected in PRICE
(ye we know bear market and so on, we’re not even expecting any good answers)
we are just pissed off, boys

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Price doesn’t correlate with performance, potential, progress & risks of the project.

Don’t measure progress with price trend.

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thanks boss

by the way you’re the one of those wiseguys pushing each other constantly lol


ADA price is tied to BTC and the entire crypto market.

You can notice that when there is a good news coming out it has zero impact on the price.

The market is imature and not too much of smart money inside it now.


Yeah, we have a lot ot wise guys pushing each other. But let´s keep your topic clean.

Your question & worries are valid.

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to be honest i still dont know whos right, rick or you lol. you should fight a little bit more i think

Once we have insitutional investment coming to the market, when regulations are developped on a global scale (or at least in the US), then we will see intensive Smart Money finding the way to the right crypto projects.

Just think about the fact that you have ADIA (Abu Dhabi Investment Authority) managing 1 trillion USD assets, so does the Norwegian Soverign Wealth Fund.

If they just move 5% of their portfolio into crypto, you have suddenly 100b USD new money flow in that will possibly boost prices 5-10* for good projects.

Not to speak about if Russia or other Governments Central Banks decide to go for BTC instead of doing their own CBDCs.

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i really thought you would become a cardano ambassador. you have put so much time and effort in fights on this forum but they did not appraciate it ungrateful bastards…

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I am a happy Watchdog :slight_smile: and enjoy being part of an excellent Team who enjoys it´s independence…

I think it doesn´t matter whether you have titles or not, if you are part of a group or not, you can always find ways to contribute and bring value to Cardano.

People here have their own incentives, ambition, motivation & agenda, but it´s sometimes very different for everyone.

But let´s get back to your topic. Please be patient with Cardano, it might take a while, but will worth your time & loyalty.

End of this year things will become much more clear. This is truly the year for Cardano to show it´s capabilities. Then of course we need adoption, and lot of Startups, Ventures to build on it.


Must say, good reply Bercinho :slight_smile: saw you typing and thought 'here we go again", I was wrong.

Cardano is still in the begin phase, after shelly and stacking this willl be different. Just have some patience and buy more ADA on the dips.


First of all you should realize you didn’t loose anything until you sell your Cardano. Secondly Cardano is in very early development phase and is a long term investment. Since is still has no adoption, it’s a liquid promise in a bottle and the price is still tied to BTC.

I wouldn’t expect any major gains this year. If the cycle repeats the next bull market should peak in 2/3 years.


Troll alert :relieved::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::joy:

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Welcome to crypto world. Cardano is not investment for a person with cancer stadium 4. Cardano is investment for your children or grand children… and don’t forget 12 phase phrase n password.