Cardano relay sync taking forever

Hi, I’m creating a staking pool and I haven’t been able to get it up and running mainly due to the nodes taking days to fully synch. I’m running 2 AWS EC2 instances, and a system76 ubuntu machine. Is it normal for synchronization to take days or am I doing something wrong?

Hi @Luis_Betancourt,

No normally it takes no longer than 12 hours to fully sync (from a totally new chain).
Network speed, cpu and other resources affect how long this takes.

Add in the topology files only iohk nodes and increase the valency to 3 or 4… then restart the nodes

I deleted the db folder, the full sync took 4 - days :face_with_hand_over_mouth: What can be the issue? I’m pulling the topology from like before, but my relay is connecting no more than 1 - 2 peers? Is that because other nodes are still not updated to 1.26.2?

Most of the warning messages are like this:

The problem was in the time of the system, I synced my machine with chrony, there was a 10 seconds wrong :frowning:

Apr 27 10:42:05 chronyd[4882]: System clock wrong by 10.078029 seconds, adjustment started
Apr 27 10:42:15 chronyd[4882]: System clock was stepped by 10.078029 seconds

@Luis_Betancourt check/sync your system time too! Most of the nodes will reject your connection if your system time is not synced (with InFutureExceedsClockSkew error). In my case that was the problem, I have always connected to only one node before clock sync. That’s why the full sync took 4 - 5 days, not up to 24 hours as usual for me.

23 nodes are connected now!