Cardano’s brand animation video

I think there’s a lot working here in my opinion. I like the plasticity of shapes and colors, while still maintaining unity in the design principles. I would say that I was most inspired by the semblance of sacred geometry that displayed at the 1:32-1:37 mark. Sacred Geometry is a huge trend in contemporary art and design and I believe it ties in well to the Cardano mission. I would expand the possibilities of that even further. Cheers- Rocky (NOWgrantsARTISTS)

Yo, chill. It’s just a video showing you the new color scheme and fonts.

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Honestly I thought this was pretty epic and I have no idea what everyone is bitching about :smile: …then again this is a throw away account, but for whatever its worth keep up the good work !

For some reason the video made me think of Andy Warhol. Could that music be described as Electro Pop? “Don’t pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.”

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Are these for community use?
Can I incorporate them into a stakepool website?

Best, Sean

Hey Sean, what exactly? The Cardano logo? Basically yes, but the topic has some subtleties. They were addressed here:

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Thank you

I like one of the transitions, I think it will go well with my personal logo. Personal logo transitioning into a Cardano logo as an intro to the webpage type of thing.

I’ll go over the link

Hit the nail right on the head

Can’t believe this but the “pink/reddish lines at 0:28” are guides/grids that show how the elements are arranged with the typeface. They are not implemented anywhere on the materials but I agree with the other points you said.