Cardano’s brand animation video

(Written by @ElliotHill of the Cardano Foundation)

In early 2020, the Cardano Foundation and its ecosystem partners embarked on an ambitious brand reappraisal exercise for the Cardano blockchain, enlisting the help of award-winning design and creative agency McCann Dublin as well as our valued community. This led to a unified and renewed visual identity for Cardano and the Cardano Foundation, which you can see in this video.

Our brand reappraisal is called ‘Project Renovare’, which means ‘renew’ in Latin. As part of the deliverables, the Cardano’s and the Cardano Foundation’s online presence underwent a significant corporate refresh, evolving the visual elements of our existing visual identity to reflect the new audiences and stakeholders we will soon be welcoming and working alongside.

We are now pleased to reveal the official Cardano brand animation video, which provides a comprehensive overview of our new visual identity and the inspiration behind it. In early December, we shared that our reappraisal exercise, inspired by both natural and manmade elements, was nominated for a prestigious ICAD Awards 2020—a highly coveted design award in the Republic of Ireland.

Our Cardano Ambassadors and our valued community members contributed to Cardano’s visual identity refresh by providing feedback, taking part in surveys, filling out questionnaires, and giving us the much-needed inspiration.

In case you missed the brand story video, you can watch it here.

You can read more about Cardano’s brand reappraisal on the Cardano Forum here:


I hate to say this, as I am a huge Cardano supporter, but I think this is Absolutely dreadful design work on so many levels

I don’t believe the designers have bothered to understand,develop any really dynamic and interesting solutions or even challenged the parameters of the potential for the Brand

The work does not reflect the power ,usability, the world beating groundbreaking relevance of the technology, the core concept and network capabilities of cardano.

It is such a shame ,such a massive lost opportunity to convey the objectives vision and value ,the spirit and goal of the idea

As far as the identity design goes ,and I am being restrained here…

The whole approach is so corporate it could be a solution for low scale unambitious pedestrian Insurance company certainly not one of any significance…

The typefaces ,the colours the juxtaposition of logo and context is so poor in execution it is incredibly embarrassing and in my view as a seasoned design and creative director it should be rejected outright

I would like to read the original brief and the justification for the end design solution…Who ever approved this should be questioned and removed from any decision making in the future

Clearly the design direction is lazy …Boring, dated, uninspiring, old-fashioned, turgid and rigid,

I am saddened to think this is how the Foundation believes its ID should be conveyed

This solution is an Incredibly serious error of judgement and it would be wrong to continue with this without a complete design review and redesign

I suggest you seek a second opinion from another forward dynamic thinking and innovative design agency

I am confident that they would concur with my reactions and criticism

This is simply not good enough for the community of believers …I’m amazed this ever got released at all

Time for a huge rethink and shake up

Come on guys get a grip…


Not sure why but it seems to be so ordinary, it doesn’t evoke Cardano’s potential at all or even represent Cardanos cherished values. We are trying to “change the world” here. Here is the great Apple founder talking about marketing, we might learn a thing or 2 —> Steve Jobs on Marketing


Personal critiques: I wouldn’t go as far as Gib_Guy, but I’m not on board either. I actually can’t really tell what is being rebranded. I like the Cardano logo, but that’s certainly not new. I think the pink/reddish lines at 0:28 could be nice, but they come across as distracting the way they were implemented (maybe leave a white boarder around the logo and text?). The Chivo font is not appalling, but I really dislike how the capital W (not shown in the video) is overly separated from the next character at its base. I’m not sure what 0:55-1:03 is supposed to relay. The stipple art immediately following doesn’t show up well at all resolutions (is a problem with the format in general). I personally dislike the fireworks style logos at 1:13-1:17. I’m not sure what 1:20-1:29 is. 1:30-1:36 seems like it could be on to something, but needs more refinement and it ends with a poor transition between 1:36-1:40.

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This is an extremely plain and boring advertising campaign! :flushed: Pretty pathetic for a prestigious marketing firm. I really hope the Cardano Foundation can find a better marketing plan than this. It’s an embarrassment for McCann and Cardano, if they decide to run with this!


What did I just watch? What was the message? Did it impart any aspect of the genius and revolutionary nature of Cardano? It made absolutely no impression on me. Very uninspiring.


You have summarized it very well.

This video was confusing, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was looking at—was I watching the design morf, was I seeing updated new designs, was it just a creative exercise? Upon closer examination of the whole post I saw the reference made to the linked “brand story video.” I found that clip more informative, being able to see the branding in print examples, and I thought it looked nice. I like the additional colors added to the palette as well. So I think this animation video might confuse people about what exactly is going on, being changed/updated, etc. Some 2D print examples of the design as it would be used in practical application might be more effective.


This short video is not an advertising campaign. It „just“ visualises the Branding Guidelines that usually come as a boring PDF. (Colors, spacing, fonts, titles, elements and such)


I do agree that this is a bit rough around the edges. There is too much going on. I didn’t see 1 identity, but rather 6 or 8 or so and I don’t know which is which. A bit confusing. Yes, you could use a new font, but for the rest I would just update small things and introduce new messaging to rebrand rather than a lot of confusing visuals.

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@Gib_Guy You’ve made your point clear a long time ago. This doesn’t add any more constructive feedback anymore. Thanks for understanding.


Hi Andy
The points are clear and worth restating
So what have you done about it?..Nothing it seems at least on a graphic level
What is the point of submitting genuinely constructive criticism if you choose to ignore it
I see no change or willingness to change ,not one iota
This presentation is a regurgitation of the staid solution
Every brand has to evolve and this has remained static
The criticisms remain and the Foundation trots along as usual impermiable to outside influence
What ever happened to the listening to the community objective outlined by you and your new CEO
Now that voting is to be introduced into the system perhaps there could be an opportunity to vote for change
I doubt it
Very sad situation indeed

We always listen. But that the community (or a vocal part of it) doesn’t like or agrees with something does not mean we are obliged or feel obliged to change it.


I hope you do listen
I guess from the lack of reaction to the announcement ,the silent ones,or less vocal as you put it, can be assumed to accept it ,are indiffernt ,or just don’t care enough to express their views
I summise the more vocal ones like me as you choose to brand me are equally to be sidelined as provocateurs…I wuld put it to you tha the reverse is true
I have stuck my head above the parrapet because I believe my criticism is warranted and based on my experience of Brand development and career in design industry .
I suspect the dye is cast and you are unable or unwilling to change at least that is the impression you give
I am saddened because I care whether you care or not ,one must continually question and be receptive to constructive criticism .however h
I wish the foundation well and pray the new deign director sees that change however painful can be a force for good
Best wishes

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Personally I like the the design elements, references and color selection. Not quite sure why the strong words against these guidelines, I assume it’s due to persoanal taste which is subjective by definition. Also it’s impossible to make everyone happy.
Thank you Cardano Foundation team for your work.

Let’s face it, two or three random guys on a forum (whatever experience they claim) are unlikely to carry much weight in the balance against a “coveted design award” nomination. Might as well save your energy for some other fight.


Yes @adatainment, I don’t think people have understood this. Logo is okay.
Look fwd to a real advertisement clip in the future!

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Not much in love with the design , but i think is clear and fresh !

Sorry to say this but I take the video being more like an advert for the producers of the video rather than for the paying customer Cardano. Seemed to have targeted themselves and their ad company at Cardano’s expense. Where is the substance? Started well in the first few seconds then lost it for me.

Back to the ‘white’ drawing board guys.


I am going to run against the crowd here. I think this is pretty good news. Why?

  • Ad agency and brand agency awards matter in that world. It gets Cardano noticed.
  • If we want Cardano to be the global financial system we need to accept that ad agencies will probably have a better feel for what cuts across in the overall market than a bunch of early adopters.
  • This video specifically is an advert to win at the awards ceremony, it’s not the actual branding output, that’s the fonts, logo, idents etc.
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