Cardano Speaks Spanish - Our Community in numbers

The spanish-speaking Cardano community is one of the largest and most active communities -in terms of members and volume of content produced- of the Cardano project, the unique third generation blockchain based on scientific research, formal methods and peer review.


  • Telegram group ADA - Cardano Español: +1450 members.
  • The number of stake pools operated by members of our Community, who reside in different regions of Latin America and Spain, is growing.


  • Official Cardano Forum (tag: español-:es:): +1100 high-value publications entirely in spanish, of which 70% are educational contents (~3 articles published per day, on average).

  • Youtube channel Cardano Castellano: +300 videos dubbed into spanish and +700 subscribers.

  • Telegram news channel Cardano A-Z (also in english here): +1600 news (~7 publications daily, on average) and +220 subscribers.

… and in continuous expansion of social media channels, tech support, and members. :muscle:

Thank you all :pray: for being part of this great community and for supporting the Cardano project! :clap: :clap:

Note: Through these communication channels we share all information regarding Cardano in a curated and validated way, allowing not only access to the project’s contents, but also spaces where the community can stay alert and safe from attempts of malicious attacks.

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