CARDANO spreads around the world

those who followed the memes may have seen my work
“CARDANO spreads around the world”
Now, following some suggestions, I have decided to expand it with an iconic element - Charles’ leather jacket :slight_smile:

Should something be added yet ? Please let me know here.


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This. In my opinion the real winner of contest but was not an alternative I could pick for voting.

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the rules must be obeyed. I made this meme too late :(. But the jacket fits well, doesn’t it ?
And hadn’t it been for Sean, the meme wouldn’t has become a bit viral at all.

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Question: Will Meme became too heavy if more than 3 landscapes are showed?

If so, perhaps just several different versions of it can be created as per representing as many parts of the world as possible (including little flags of the different countries may also be an option)

Showing different hats and jackets seems awesome to me! :clap:


Yes, meme can only have 4MB to put it here, otherwise only YT is left. But I will think about it. Thank you for ideas. I think about Mongolia myself. Especially fancy this traditional coat of Mongolian nomads can be which Charles wears :grinning:


I have added an important country on the way of Cardano and some national accents.
I hope you like it.

Viva o Brasil.
Este é meu agradecimento especial à comunidade de Cardano no Brasil

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I like Charles’s Mongolian get up :+1:. Nice touch :smiley:

I’ve googled. Mongolian coat is called deel :wink:

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@basia haha amazing!! :grin::+1::clap::pray:

Hope people can contribute to your MEME adding their own places, creativity and imagination!



Is there any way to add an “Uzbek Chapan” on there :smiley:?

image image

Sure, I will try in free time :grinning:. Now I’m fighting for votes, Hahah …


Love this meme, I have a suggestion for an alternate version.

What about Charles in an aeroplane jetting across a globe from place to place.

Might be a fun idea! Keep up the good work! @basia



A tiny note if I may;
I think Charles carrying the Cardano flag made more sense then the flag of each country. It feels a little false, looks amazing though! I wish there could be two flags he could carry simultaneously! Flag of the country and flag of Cardano, I understand it’s too much work though

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perhaps a flag of the country with Cardano logo over it.
perhaps Charles riding a horse (since he used to ride, and it may also be a symbol in Mongolia)
over a camel, over an eagle, over a cute donkey, a bike, a rocket, a surfboard, just brainstorming a little, to be continued…:grinning:


:rofl: Charles riding a rocket makes me laugh, that will be a perfect MEME FOR WHEN CARDANO HITS THE MOON !

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It is always nice to come across cardano accents, even if it has nothing to do with crypto. Taken today during my afternoon walk


and in our hearts