Cardano tokens not transferring out of Yoroi

Apologies if this has been adressed elsewhere, if it has, please let me know, I didn’t see it. I’ve tried to withdraw my cardano tokens from Yoroi wallet to Binance, using a Ledger Nano X. At the end of the withdrawal request process, I am provided with a message that says “TRANSACTION TTL epoch” followed by a number, then “Slot” followed by a number. But then nothing happens. The cardano does not move. Does anyone know what this means, and why its not moving? Please help. Thank you

Try another browser gen chrome or brave, if still not working connect the ledger on and send the funds from there

PS: do u have the latest cardano app version and latest ledger firmware?


You are a superstar mate. Thanks a million, connecting from worked perfectly the first time I tried your suggestion. Not sure what was going on with Yoroi wallet, but I’m just happy i was able to move my tokens back into a centralised exchange.

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