Cardano will have its Ethereum moment next bull run

If you want to know what potential Cardano has, don’t look at the market value of ADA coins in a bear market. Rather, look at what’s happening in the ecosystem and what projects are gradually emerging. It’s also smart to look at other ecosystems and think about what led to their rise or eventual fall. That will tell you a lot more about the future. It is very likely that Cardano will have its Ethereum moment in the next bull run. Why do we think so?


  • Interaction between users is behind the success of any ecosystem.
  • Cardano is already processing a similar amount of transactions as Bitcoin.
  • If there is a VC fund behind the project, it may be a red flag.
  • Technologically promising projects can be thwarted by unfair coin distribution.
  • “Move fast, break things” is a good strategy for startups that want to quickly verify that their idea is viable.
  • Cardano has several advantages that can make it one of the industry leaders.

This article was prepared by Cardanians with support from Cexplorer.

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you are right since 2017/18 i have seen a big uptick in r&d cardano keeps his head in that direction going to be great win for ada,with this super team of great minds charles h& team one day ada flips eth and stays in the top 3 crypto rankings and eth as 4/5 place.even on $ 3.15 i didnt sell my ada and now on 0.32$ no fear for me i look sooo dam far like 2030 where cardano will be @ a 300x piece of cake i wait wait and have much trust in charles hoskinson&team
next bullrun smashing 3.15$ eazy
no 1 ada