CardWallet App

Hi community…, it has been very frustrating dealing with CardWallet and I am starting to think it could be a scam. Any advise ?
I opened a new wallet primarily because I am trying to support our Cardano ecosystem. Then, I transferred 1,000 ADA and decided to buy their token CW again more than anything because I want to support their project…
The issues I want to report

  1. when I exchanged my ADA to CW the commissions fee were around 30% and nowhere CardWallet will let u know in advance ….
  2. once you get the CW token it seems you can’t exchange them. It seems you are locked with their tokens and not able to exchange them anymore…
    I would like to bring this up because as an ADA holder and supporter I think this app is making no good for our ecosystem, anybody can give me any advise?

how is it supposed to support the Cardano Ecosystem if users forced to buy a Ethereum contract based CW Token through the App? Cardano has no DEX yet, so swapping of Cardano bases Tokens is not possible for now