Cars And Crypto Cancer Org

Dear Community, I am starting a program/organization that I would love for people to join and be a part of.

Basically, what I am doing is an organization that will be putting on car shows at children’s hospitals for those suffering from illness or those who are less fortunate. I am also wanting to help out families on a personal level that will require funding for donations.
With that being said I am in need of financial backers, event organizers and anything you’d be willing to contribute whether it’s just your time or resources. If there’s something you excel at that could help us in our cause I would be very grateful. If you’d like to hear more about my story and why I am doing this then comment on here or send me a message. Thanks!

Hello @The_Scott_Bots

That’s a very noble idea, but I don’t really see what it has to do with Cardano.

Could you elaborate a bit?

Yes I’d love to. So the organization itself will be a “Cars and Crypto” type organization that I see having two parts. I am wanting to do these car shows at the children’s hospitals to raise funds to donate to family’s locally impacted to whichever hospital we are at. As for the way I thought cardano could help is to build or structure the nonprofit on cardano. I don’t know what that would entirely look like but I know that there’s others out there who would know.
Yes, I am in the beginning stages but it is something I’m tired of talking about and want to just do it. I also want to figure out how to involve cardano in everyday operations whether that’s through donations/funding, organization transparency, voting on organization projects, etc.
the part two side of things that can come with this is to bring crypto education to those that we will be catering to and show how crypto can help them. I know that’s vague but this is why I am looking for others to help and throw ideas in. If that side of things is pointless then it is what it is. I believe that it could be beneficial though.

The reason for all of this is because of what my nephew has and is going through. He was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma when he was 3. After a long year he went into remission for 8 years. It came back when he was 13 but after being told he had 3-6mo to live he once again became cancer free. Fast forward a year to the day and he is back in the fight. Watching my brother have to file bankruptcy the first time around and short sell his house this time around. He also has 3 girls who get to take a backseat not intentionally but it just happens. While they are super understanding it does weigh them down as well. I have done as much as I can personally but I feel like there is something that can be done still.
This is me trying to do what I can.
Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.