Let’s show the world Cardano can support cancer

Hello I would like to introduce a project I am working on.

You can see this video:

Also you can request the business plan. Since there are lots of nonprofit org that have two accounting books just like Goldman Sachs back in 2000’s I would like to set a precedent. On total transparency and total trazability.
Right now I’m looking for donations to build a cool website, get IT Infrastructure and create the biggest donation total trazable and transparent lottery in the world.
This is only me but I would like to hire a programmer and social worker.
Operations will be from Costa Rica but we want to donate all the money left after paying ops.
No one will have a better salary than $3000 a month that is the cap for everyone including the director.
This is a cool idea I hope you guys can see it. You can contact me at Jose.zamora10s@gmail.com
Or to joejjak@protonmail.com
Request the business plan.