I am back

Hi everyone, just got back on the forum after being suspended for a month by Quasimodo, l think his name was.Things seem to be moving along nicely with Cardano,one the greatest investment opportunities of a lifetime.To make matters even better,having lived in these farming communities for many years l believe in the project. For example in The Philippines the people need 10,000 pesos to even open a bank account so 60% of the population can never have one.In Thailand the farmer has no power in the exportation of his crops. and gets screwed by middlemen paying 1/4 of a cent a kilo for corn etc All these people in all these countries,hardworking,being screwed year after year has a terrible flow on affect, where, say for example, in tourist season you will not see a young attractive girl in the village, they have all gravitated to the bars in the cities in the hope of making money to feed their families. In worse cases they are sold to establishments.It is going to be extremely difficult to give the poor a voice,power, but the idea is world changing.Can it be done,l hope so.