Cash withdrawal limits

Does anyone have experience withdrawing large amounts of $ from exchanges such as Kraken, or Coinbase to their banks?
I understand you need to be verified by the exchange, and you can request an increase in limits.
I’ve heard of limits over time - such as $200K over a year. Don’t know if this is accurate.

If Cardano has extraordinary growth, as we are all hoping - the buy & hold investor may be attempting to withdraw larger amounts of $ than the average day trader.

hi @nnoit. I can tell you about kraken: There are possilbility to withdrawl <500k $/month or <100k/day on kraken with tear 4. Furthermore you need to inform your bank that you will get a big amount of money transfer on your account to avoid account freezing. - > it is not a personal experience but logical thing.

Additional to above mentioned: if you plan more larger amount it is also possible:

Thanks - that’s a relief.