Catalyst Explorer -- for Project Catalyst research and distributed accountability

The data behind the amazing numbers in Project Catalyst - the people, the projects, the results - have always been hypothetically public. However, actually accessing and understanding it has always been difficult. If you could manage to track down one of the many, it was still up to you to click through the many tabs and rows of raw data.

Knowledge is power, and the Catalyst community needed a new tool

Introducing Catalyst Explorer

In Project Catalyst Fund 9, Lido Nation was funded to build out our Catalyst Explorer tool.

Search and Filter

You can explore proposals, monthly reports, people, and groups. Filter proposals by funding status or budget size, Fund, Campaign, key words, and more. See data represented in several Charts.

Claim your profile

New this month, people and teams can claim their profiles in Catalyst Explorer. Ownership verification happens through Ideascale. Once you have claimed your personal or team profile, you can edit and update it. You can provide links to your software repositories, YouTube, Discord, Twitter, Medium, or YouTube channels. When public users comment on your projects, you can receive notifications and respond.

Follow People and Projects

You can now “Follow” people, projects, and teams using Catalyst Explorer to receive email updates of anything they do - project reports, new posts on GitHub, you name it!

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The Catalyst Explorer tool aims to foster community engagement and inspire collaboration among Cardano stakeholders. Read more about it and check it out at Lido Nation: Introducing: Catalyst Explorer | Lido Nation English

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