How we built Dynamic Rich Twitter Cards for Catalyst Proposals

:rocket::fire: Breaking News in the cardano Ecosystem! Project Catalyst hits a GAME-CHANGING milestone with Round 10 voting! :ballot_box::sparkles:

For the 1st time EVER, real-time data on proposal engagement was accessible thanks to catalyst going open source and teams like Lido Nation. Imagine navigating through 1100+ proposals no longer blindfolded, but with a “digital lens” :nerd_face::mag:.

Say goodbye to #VoterFatigue :raised_hands:! Lido Nation’s sleek interface turns reviewing proposals from a Rubik’s cube puzzle into a more intuitive experience. :globe_with_meridians::point_up_2:

PLUS, their unique Open Graph cards give EVERY proposal the spotlight it deserves, making your Twitter or Discord shares pop! :star2::bar_chart:

cardano #ProjectCatalyst #RealTimeData #InnovationUnleashed #UIUXRevolution :tada::confetti_ball::link:

:point_down: Read the full game-changing story here! :point_down: