Catalyst not available for download

Hi All,
I want to register to Catalyst voting, but unfortunately I cannot get the Catalyst download.
Link from this article does not work:


is it temporary or they plan to move to new version etc?

Works for me:

Ths is what I see on this page

Yeah, I see that too now, I should have checked I wasn’t looking at a cached copy before. I guess they’re working on an upgrade.

I have got a reply from IOHK Technical Service Desk in this matter:

Catalyst Daedalus is coming to the main Daedalus in one of the upcoming updates, before the new voting starts.

So I guess it will be a part of next Daedalus update :wink:

The update is live, I just registered a wallet made in Daedalus, Hardware wallet support is still under development so I just had to transfer a min of ₳3000 to a new wallet but it worked easy enough. Just make sure to take steps to protect your seed key, pin number and QR code. If anyone asks for any of those, they are trying to steal from you.