Catalyst suggestion - wallet snapshot -> mid epoch

Hi All

Everyone is doing an excellent job, just had a suggestion for Catalyst process.

The timing of the snapshot for wallet balances wasn’t clearly labelled for F10. End of registration process sure was, no one could miss that :slight_smile: But I struggled to determine when the wallet balance voting power snapshot was taken. It seems like it was approximately the end of the registration.

But this point in time was also 45min from the epoch boundary. Previously the snapshot was clearly indicated, and was also pretty much in the middle of the epoch.

This made for easy transfer from different wallets back to the one that the voting power was calculated at, snapshot taken, and then transfer back to the different wallets. Different wallets to support different SPO plus also an ISPO (where they keep your staked ADA interest reward for project funding and give you their future project tokens in lieu).

In this case because I have to leave the funds in voting wallet for ~30minutes, but then that is really close to the snapshot boundary for the epoch and likely I will have lost future project tokens in ISPO because they weren’t back in time for the epoch snapshot.

There is no way I’m going to create multiple accounts for different wallets, as I have handpicked ~30projects I want to vote for and I don’t have time for go through that process for multiple wallets.

Sure there is a way to link multiple wallets back to one account, but that is not a user friendly process and looked more a hack at this point in time.

So until simple process for linking multiple wallets to one voting account, my feedback would be:

  • could the snapshot please be labelled clearly on the timeline?
  • could the snapshot please be mid epoch so it doesn’t effect SPO staking balance?

Hopefully I didn’t miss something, and thanks for all the effort that goes into these processes - it is really appreciated!