Rewards Yoroi will not display balance from snapshot

Dear Team,
After upgrading my ballance check wallet to the rewards wallet (upon multiple “Unable to transfer funds” failures), the snapshot balance is recognised correctly, but does not appear in the rewards wallet. Which renders the rewards wallet useless. Any hints?

Hi yashoo - There has been an overwhelming amount of testnetters, far above the most positive predictions. As such, the Shelley network has been overloaded and numerous forks have been plaguing testnet. IOHK is working on 0.8.4 to address this issue, should be out very soon!

Simple answer - just keep trying, or give it a few day until the network settles down. Your funds are safe, this is a common issue right now, as everyone is rushing in to restore their wallets and start staking.


Thank you very much Tiago, I hope things settle down a little. The issue is now resolved. After choosing a pool, however, another generic error term popped up: “Error received from server while sending transaction.” when trying to delegate a stake. I am reporting this not to complain, but to make you guys/gals aware of the issue. Cheers.