Catalyst Suggestions List

The following is a list of Catalyst suggestions that bring together a mixture of different analytical pieces and/or opinions that help to suggest potential changes that could be made to improve the Catalyst funding process.

Each suggestion focusses on a topic area or specific change that could help with improving Catalyst. The community is encouraged to join the discussion around the suggestions and provide any relevant information that might be missing and share their agreement or disagreement with the suggestion if they a preference.

Ultimately we are trying to encourage a suitable place to discuss and debate on how Catalyst could be improved in any upcoming funding rounds through more experimentation and impactful suggestions that help lead to positive outcomes.

Catalyst suggestions list

Community voting

Every suggestion has a number of options that the community can vote on. Community members are invited to provide any rationale in the comments below. If you are unsure on how to vote you can instead decide to just comment on what your current thoughts are.

If many other alternative suggestions emerge from the discussion a new post could be created in the future to better reflect the possible approaches that should be considered for that topic area.

Community feedback & discussion

These suggestions have been separated into separate posts so that the conversation can remain focussed on that topic area. Provide any feedback or other resources you think are important and these can be added into the main post for others to review.

Future suggestions

The suggestions above are just a good starting point. Anyone in the community can copy the suggestion structure that has been used above so that other topic areas and suggestions can be better discussed and recorded for the Catalyst team to consider when they are making any future changes to the Catalyst funding process.

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A number of disbursement suggestions are now documented in the Web3 Association resources:

:bulb::writing_hand: 6 disbursement suggestions have been added that cover the most promising approaches that were identified whilst creating the disbursement resources.

:bulb::thinking: 9 considerations have also been highlighted to help with thinking about how a disbursement process could be implemented.

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