Catalyst Weekly #85 - Town Hall #136, Community Review Mid Point

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This week finds Catalyst ecosystem right in the middle of Community Reviews. There are now over 5,000 reviews logged in from almost 500 reviewers participating across the entire stack of just under 1,500 proposals. Big kudos to everyone who is spending their time and energy helping the community parse through all of these proposals and provide their opinions. Your work is highly appreciated.

The recent town hall featured a fireside chat led by Kriss Baird, the Catalyst group product lead, and Nigel Hemsley, the VP of governance. The chat aimed to address community questions about the Catalyst Fund operations proposal submitted by the Catalyst team. There is also an after town hall recording that expands on this conversation and is available already on Catalyst Swarm YouTube.

This week we had a highly inspiring presentations from Ubio about his project Africa Job Shadowing and also report about Fund9 challenge Grow Africa, Grow Cardano as a whole. Catch that recording here.

We also had an opportunity to have team behind Cardano Impact Report 2023 share their presentation with us. The timestamped presentation here but also catch the longer segment further down below.

What’s the latest? Let’s dive right in.


Town Hall #136

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 21.56.54

:bulb: Next: TH #137 on Aug 2 at 5PM UTC. Register now via this recurring link.

Community Review Half Way Point

Screenshot 2023-07-21 at 12.06.23-1

The Community Review stage is what comes right after the Submissions stage in Fund10 has been finalized. And YOU can still take part if you haven’t already.

Curious how this stage works from Community Reviewer perspective? Maybe you are also a reviewer and proposer at the same time? Not an issue - just make sure to understand limits of what you can and cannot do specifically via this Conflict of Interest outline here.

Please note it is not possible to register as a reviewer anymore if you haven’t already.

For everything else, feel free to review last week’s timestamped town hall to learn and refresh about the stage overview as a whole. You can also reference slide deck pack here. The official guidelines can be found on GitBook via web.

So - what about timeline - with regards to community review timeline - please have a look at the graphic above.

The current phase will conclude on Aug 3, when all of the data goes through the moderation check open until Aug 17. Once all of the data is finalized - come second half of August, this information is released and ultimately it will be forwarded to the voting interface. There is no proposer flagging period as available in the previous funding rounds amid changes to the review stage as a whole in Fund10.

Voting is then still expected to take place during first two weeks in September. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to ask your local Cardano networks to participate and register to vote. Voters are a fundamental piece of the decision making and are ultimately responsible for the fund allocation.

If you are uncertain about how the voter registration works - please refer to this Catalyst Gitbook page for more references.

Cardano Impact Report 2023

Sustainable ADA created the Cardano Impact Report 2023. Authors Cole Bartlett and Razali Samsudin. Sustainable ADA has been a part of the Cardano ecosystem since Catalyst Fund4 and was founded in 2021.

What is the Cardano Impact Report?

The Cardano Impact Report is a book that highlights the positive social and environmental impact Cardano is having on communities and businesses around the world. From financial inclusion to environmental sustainability, we bring you on a journey to learn about the connections Cardano has to sustainable development and how the Cardano community is making a positive difference around the world.

What is the importance of the Cardano Impact Report?

The report doesn’t just showcase the achievements of the Cardano ecosystem. It provides an inspiration, compass and guide for all in using blockchain technology for good, and demonstrates the positive impact that can be achieved when we work together.

The Goal of the Impact Report

The primary goal of the Cardano Impact Report is to provide a comprehensive overview of the impact created by the Cardano ecosystem. It aims to showcase the accomplishments, innovations, and initiatives undertaken by individuals, organizations, and projects within the Cardano community, highlighting their contributions to sustainable development and positive societal change. The report aims to contribute towards a paradigm shift in how we as a society, community and individuals consider and measure value. How we interact in the fast developing digital economy with empowering digital economic identities and close the digital divide along the way.

More info on the report:

Voltaire Musings

This week in Voltaire, the feedback collected from the CIP-1694 workshop is being reviewed and considered. An update will be published shortly. As CIP-1694 moves to its final form, the community will have the opportunity to vote on whether this MVG is an acceptable way to move forward together. This represents a powerful option for the crucial advancement of participatory governance within the Cardano ecosystem.

Intersect was announced earlier this month, as a key institution for the ecosystem, bringing together companies, developers, individuals, and other ecosystem participants to shape and drive the future development of Cardano. As such it will be an administrator of processes that govern the continued roadmap and development of the Cardano platform and protocol.

All participants in the Cardano ecosystem are welcome to become Intersect members. Made up of a distributed group of participants, including the foremost experts on Cardano and current ecosystem contributors, Intersect will facilitate healthy discussions and sound decision-making amongst its members, and the community at large, to uncover pain points, while championing successes. To join as a founding member, click here.

Voter Registration

Voter registration is underway. As always, feel free to bookmark Catalyst Knowledge base via to keep an eye on the latest. The voter registration section is linked here. Snapshot is expected to take place on August 18th at 9PM UTC. Monitor when your wallet is ready for registration and under what terms via this page.

Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 17.28.02

Weekly GitHub Repo Round Up

Here’s the update from technical side of Catalyst last week:

  • Created a script to enable weekly registration reporting from the snapshot service
  • Worked on bug fixes for the new snapshot importer
  • Updated supported wallets page with the latest from Yoroi, Daedalus, Typhon
  • Investigating the issue with Flint wallet registration raised by the TSD team
  • Implemented a workaround solution to add new data fields to the vit-servicing-station without modifying the db schema - relevant links and open source flag
  • Refactored the community reviews calculator, and considered how to integrate it with the Ideascale importer
  • Continued working on test automation for cat-data-service APIs
  • Started testing the moderation module
  • Completed analysis of the existing load testing tools and aligned on approach for testing in Fund10, scheduled to begin in next dry run
  • Continued working on community documentation for new auditing tools

For full access please review:

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