Catalyst Weekly #89 - Town Hall #140 - get ready to vote

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And that’s it - the snapshot for Fund10 has been taken and we are in the final stage of its validation. Information regarding all of it should be available this week. Keep an eye on the scheduled start of voting on Aug 31. You’ll find more details further below.

So what’s the TLDR from the recent town hall?

First, we heard from the Fund8 Challenge Team - Scaling Cardano Community Hubs.

Following, the recently closed out project from Profila’s decentralized marketing (DeMar) platform that lets people reclaim their autonomy online by choosing which brands get access to their personal data. Catch their presentation here.

Town hall also featured a fireside chat. Michael Madoff, Group Product Manager for Voltaire at IOG, joined Kriss Baird to discuss the relationship between Catalyst and Voltaire. You can catch the recording of that here. It’s an illuminating overview of where Catalyst fits in all of the future of age of Voltaire.

Want to find others? Make sure to navigate to Funds Overview and look up your favourites to see where they are and how they’re doing. Unsure how it works? Check out this quick explainer video.

What’s the latest? Let’s dive right in.


Town Hall #140

Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 15.16.23

:bulb: Next: TH #141 on Aug 30 at 5PM UTC. Register now via this recurring link.

Fund10 - Statement of Milestones Program

Based on the success of Fund9 pilot for Statement of Milestones program - Fund10 will see the full roll out across the entire fund. If you are curious to learn more about milestones generally - you can also reference to this page on GitBook.

Now, the Catalyst team is looking for new SoM/PoA Community Reviewers who will be responsible for reviewing Statement of Milestones (SoM)/ Proof of Achievements (PoA) in F10! We are specifically looking for community members from diverse backgrounds who will be able to take advantage of their own skills and knowledge to help keep funded projects accountable. From F10, each funded project will have to submit SoM and then provide PoA evidence to show that milestone was completed and receive funding for the next one. It is the next key step in transitioning the responsibility towards the community.

Those who are interested, please sign by the 7th of September 2023, fulfilling this Google form. Collection of data will allow us to assign reviewers with required skills to review certain SoMs/PoAs.

To note: SoM review will be rewarded up to ₳350 per reviewer. PoA review will be rewarded up to ₳300 per reviewer. However, final numbers will depend on the actual number of funded projects and milestones in Fund10. For the first iteration, below are some of the key requirements:


  • Knowledge about the Catalyst ecosystem
  • Good command of English language
  • Good communicator with attention to detail
  • Able to review assigned and resubmitted SoMs/PoAs within a short (designated) time frame


  • Knowledge of at least one of the pProgramming, scripting, and markup languages
  • Previous experience with a proposal preparation and/or proposal assessments/reviews
  • Previous experience with SoM/PoA reviews

Community Review Concludes

Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 15.42.06

Catalyst has just concluded the final of the Community Review - and that is moderation of outcomes by Level2 moderators as well as final operational adjustments. Final data will be made available and loaded into APIs this week.

Not sure what Community Review and moderation is all about? We dived into the moderation stage during one of the town halls recently - but we also recommend reviewing complete information via GitBook pages here to learn more about what’s going on at the moment.

Voter registration is over - Voting begins on Aug 31

Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 15.42.49

Voter registration is now over. Final endorsed snapshot details with guidelines how to independently verify it are going to be made available as of next week ahead of the vote. Voting Period starts on August 31st if everything goes according to plan. There will be a two week voting period in the first two weeks of September and results in the later half of the month.

Catalyst in the age of Voltaire

2022 was a momentous year for the Cardano ecosystem. During November’s IO Scotfest event, it was announced that Cardano had entered the age of Voltaire. While the Cardano community continues to advance Cardano’s self-sustaining participatory governance system, the foundations for Cardano’s governance were laid out during the Shelley development phase. Each phase of the initial Cardano roadmap has seen the integration of new features built upon previous ones. This article explores the evolution of governance on Cardano since its inception in Shelley and its implications for Catalyst and the larger community as Cardano moves forward in the age of Voltaire. Continue reading the blog post here.

Grassroots Governance Community Forum

photo_2023-08-25 20.23.59

Join the Governance Guild and other Web3 community members as they explore and discuss some of the most pressing issues in decentralized governance. By bringing people together to hear and learn, we can minimize (or at least mitigate) the significant learning curve that all teams will face as they plan their projects. Let us maximize the wisdom of the crowd and identify community solutions to our shared problems.

They’ll be unpacking the question raised last time, “What is a DAO?” followed by a choice of three guest-led breakout rooms.

Date - August 31, 2023

Time - 15h00 - 17h00 UTC

Where - Live on Zoom

Breakout Room Sessions:

Photrek - Cardano Governance: From Open Corporation to Digital Nation

SingularityNet - Governance Challenges and Collaborative Solutions

WADA - dReps: A critique of representation based on traditional African paradigms"

Caught my attention

Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 15.21.47

The Catalyst team is deep in preparations for the Fund10 voting round. This means we unfortunately haven’t been able to make it to RareEvo this year - but that doesn’t mean that the spirit of Catalyst has any travel restrictions. This is a great spot by Otavio on the ground in Colorado. Shout out to all the organizers and participants gathering in town from all around the world. Original tweet.

Weekly GitHub Repo Round Up

Here’s the update from the technical side of Catalyst last week:

  • Updated supported wallets gitbook with latest updates
  • Completed integration of snapshot data with autodeployment / orchestration framework for continuous voting events
  • Multiple community version of “check my voting power” built against testnet APIs
  • Optimizing snapshot service to eliminate manual downstream work (eg remove delegation tx, take latest registration as valid), and clean up testing framework
  • Defined work required to automate reviews importer and calculation, including integration with moderation module - aiming to have importer process mimic users posting reviews directly to backend from any interface
  • Created tutorial for using interactive API dashboard for testnet data service
  • Completed final dry run on voting app - no significant issues uncovered, completed several optimizations based on findings
  • Pending deployment to stores
  • App now pointing to Project Catalyst - Innovation grants to build on Cardano for proposal details
  • Aligned with team on plan for monitoring active voting; made sure everyone has access

For full access please review:

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