Certificate Error for Marlowe?

Hi Folks,

I get a certificate error when accessing Marlowe and my Firewall is resisting my access. It looks like the certificate expired on Cinco de Mayo. Please advise:

Site alpha.marlowe.iohkdev.io
Certificate CN *.marlowe.iohkdev.io
Certificate Authority Amazon
Certificate Validity Not Before: Apr 6 00:00:00 2021 GMT

Not After: May 5 23:59:59 2022 GMT|

Thank you

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Hi @timeforprunejuice,

Thanks for letting us know, we will look into updating that.

In the meanwhile, you can use the staging link: https://marlowe-playground-staging.plutus.aws.iohkdev.io/ that seems to have the certificate up to date at the moment.

The alpha link you posted would just redirect you to staging anyway.

Please, do keep in mind that the staging environment may be unstable at times because it uses the latest development version. The latest stable version of the playground is accessible at https://play.marlowe-finance.io