What happened with plutus playground?

Plutus playground is no longer aviable, why?

Thanks for flagging. I would assume this is only a temporary problem.

The problem has existed for several days and concerns not only Plutus Playground but also documentation and Marlowe.

It is already being worked on and should be back soon.


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“temporary” is subjective :wink:

@DinoDude can you please elaborate on that? https://playground.plutus.iohkdev.io/ is online. (Sorry for not coming back into this thread)

EDIT: it seems there is another issue now: Plutus Playground Compilation Error (even examples)

HI there,
I am new to cardano. Can anybody tell me how to access plutus playground

It seems Plutus Playground was finally discontinued end of last year:

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I wonder if Gimbalabs will produce, or reproduce, that interactive environment somehow. If & when that happens it would certainly show up in their introductory course here:

That course itself has recently got up to speed, so it could be that there are other educationally oriented tools on the way. :nerd_face:

Don’t know. Frankly, was never interested in the playground. It takes more mental load for me to understand how the playground relates to the real word than it helps in understanding in the first place.

How can I run/check my plutus scripts/contracts?
I am not getting proper tutorials. I am trying to use the plutus-app repo to start but got stuck, due to complexity.

can I use cardano cli without runing cardano node in my local computer?

now what should i use for smart contract development?