Plutus Playground UNABLE to connect

unable to connect to the Plutus Playground(

The error message in my web explorer is:

“The server IP address for could not be found.”

Could you please have a check?

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I will forward the report.

Hi Zyroxa, this issue has not been resolved. Could you please follow up?

As far as I know, IOG discontinued the Plutus Playground.

All Playground-related questions on Github – – say something along the lines of:
“Unfortunately, we are closing this issue as the plutus playground is no longer maintained by IOG. Thus, it was deleted from the plutus-apps repository.”

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Sad news. thanks for your reply.

Let me know if there’s a backup repo or an alternative platform to access the knowledge center resources.

I don’t know what “knowledge center resources” you are talking about.

Plutus Playground was a tool that IOG no longer maintains. If you no what you are doing, you can perhaps check out an old version from Github and try to get it running on one of your own machines. But since it’s not maintained anymore, that might make limited sense.