Plutus Playground certificate expired Again Feb 23th 2023

Plutus Playground is unable to use due to a connection error.

Here is the error message with “(“certificate has expired”,True,CertificateExpired)”

ConnectionError (HttpExceptionRequest Request { host = “” port = 80 secure = False requestHeaders = [(“Accept”,“application/json;charset=utf-8,application/json”),(“Content-Type”,“application/json;charset=utf-8”)] path = “/runghc” queryString = “” method = “POST” proxy = Nothing rawBody = False redirectCount = 10 responseTimeout = ResponseTimeoutDefault requestVersion = HTTP/1.1 proxySecureMode = ProxySecureWithConnect } (InternalException (HandshakeFailed (Error_Protocol (“certificate has expired”,True,CertificateExpired)))))

Anyone can help?

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The valid data of the certification is from 25/11/2022 to 23/02/2023

Thanks for the report. I have reported it to IOG.

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I’ve been trying to access the Haddock documentation hosted under the same domain ( and my browser is saying it can’t even find the server (Safari and Chrome). Maybe report it to IOG again? At least there’s one incomplete capture in the Way Back Machine from October…

Looked around some more, found on this blog post that the Playground has been discontinued and the haddock documentation is now available at this link:

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And now this is dead as well. Anyone knows the new location yet again?

A lot of Github repositories have been moved from IOG to Intersect MBO · GitHub. Not sure if the ones you are looking for are among them.

Alright, thanks for the hint. Found it here (Index)
Just replace “input-output-hk” to “intersectmbo” from @Ftrain27 's link.

What happened to IOHK/IOG?

Nothing really. It’s part of the governance endeavour.

If Cardano shall be truly decentralised, it is not only important to vote on things, but also that the code is not in centralised control.

Intersect is supposed to become the “members-based organisation” in custody of the code, some funding schemes, some committees, …

My personal impression: Up to now, it seems to consist of mainly IOG employees, is registered somewhere in Hoskinson’s neighbourhood, and I haven’t found much on planned bylaws, membership fees, rights, and obligations. So, there is definitely some way to go.