Certificate to activate wallet

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Is it right that a certificate is not needed (after presale) anymore in order to activate the deadalus wallet?

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Hi @livurlifenow ,
Correct, it’s best to ignore it if you didn’t invest in the presale. :slight_smile:

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Thanks CosmosX

I like to ask you another question. Can you please tell me how to close or lock the wallet?
When i click on the Daedalus icon it opens without asking me for password or key.
Please advice.


Privacy feature is in the backlog. To prevent people from spending funds, you can visit the setting tab to add a spending password.

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Thanks io-jeremy.
The wallet feels a bit vunarable, i hope that the privacy feature gets bullitproof soon.

If we had things completely my way, you would be able to make the wallet report false amounts too :clown_face: But they wanted an MVP…

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Hi there havent got a address or any were to send my coins yet but does the wallet give you a private key, havent seen one yet

Hello @caddie
You have to create a wallet in Daedalus to generate your private key, and of course write it down :slight_smile:

@CosmosX the private key you mention when i created my wallet is it the 12 phrase ?

Correct, private key/ seed / 12 secret words are all the same thing :slight_smile:

ah great thats cleared up a worry i had lol thanks m8