Daedalus wallet UX design suggestion

I’m seeing a lot of posts in the technical discussion category where people are unprepared for and confused about the long time it takes syncing the wallet for the first time.

I honestly believe users will benefit from a small message or tool tip that warns them that first time syncing is a time consuming task. And that the next time you sync the process will be much smoother.

Cheers, keep up the great work.


This is a good point. A future version will allow you to enter the wallet without being fully synced. But for now, it is a full client that needs to sync the whole blockchain before use. We are working on a light client, which most people would prefer.


Quick question. When the new version of the wallet comes out how will the update be applied by those with the existing wallet?

There is an updating system in place. You have to agree to the update, download it and restart.

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I have a suggestion for the Deadalus UX. This is going to sound crazy to seasoned people but the part of the wallet where you generate addresses is confusing. I actually eneded up having an argument with my wife about it. She has used many crypto exchanges etc for the past 6 months.

In Recieve, I would suggest showing just one valid receive address at a time. When you generate the firstst new address which I did becasue I was new and wondering which of the two initial addresses should I use (it’s not obvious they are identical) you end up with 3 addresses on the screen, 2 are identical. This is not good for inexperienced, or new users, it seems as though a dynamic address also throws off users with experience in other crypto related interfaces since may do not have dynamic addresses.

I hope this suggestion is helpful.


Hi, I noticed for the first time the show used link next to the Generated addresses title. That helps remove the clutter, I don’t recall if I opened the generated addresses myself or not maybe I did, causing myself confusion…