Daedlus is S L O W

It used to be very slow. Then it was suddenly as fast as lightning.

NOW it seems to take a long time to connect, then even more time to sync.


Hi Shawn,

That sounds about right; usually around 20mins to sync fully? There should be a new version out shortly (maybe around Friday), that will have better performance - according to the latest AMA from Charles.


thx again.

Deadalus has always been super slow for me on a Windows machine. It used to work significantly better on a Mac. But now it doesn’t matter whether it’s Linux, Windois or a Mac.It defo needs to improve.

There are some performance issues with Daedalus right now. Mostly the first 98% of the blockchains loads pretty fast, thats because that data is from Byron and that code was optimized. The last 2%~ is Shelley code and is currently pretty slow. We have to wait for a few performance updates but in the future it shouldnt take that long of course.


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The consensus and validation of both Byron and Shelly is the kicker at the moment and this is being dealt with :vulcan_salute:

Thx. If only Byron could be transferred to a Shelley wallet!!! LOL

Well you can. Just click on “Move ada to an existing wallet” and follow the steps.

I tried that it didn’t work. And somebody told me that’s never gonna work.

The reason is there’s like .8 ADA. So if I figure I roll 10 from Wallet one into that Byron then I rolled all of it back to wallet 1 I’d be OK.

To tell me that’s not gonna work

It’s not gonna work! :grinning: You can’t send to a Byron address in the Shelley era. (Didn’t I tell you that before??) It’s 0.8 ADA mate, less than 12c, let it go! :rofl:

You really don’t have to keep reposting that you know. Or anything else, duplicate posts are not encouraged in here.

This post was about the wallet being so slow.

The last comment I made was about the transfer was :Thx. If only Byron could be transferred to a Shelley wallet!!! LOL

THEN, a Different ambassador (Zyora)jumped in and brought back to life a dead issue!!!, LOL

I am leaving it right where you told me to since it’s a small amount!!

We’re not mindreaders mate… :smile:

I know. I just didn’t want you thinking I had screwed it up. Lol

When there is a wallet update, will the amount of energy being used be addressed?
I’m running on a Mac Book Air, and very rarely hear the fan running - until I run Daedalus wallet. Then the fan starts up - furiously! I can feel my laptop getting hotter and hotter…
Eventually, after it has synced it eases off a bit, but is still hotter than usual.

Energy use is not a different topic, what’s more efficient in computing terms is also more energy efficient.

Im on Mac book Air, its exactly as you described. fan runs crazy on start up then stops once sync complete.

to stay on topic,
I was also having probs with the last 2% of blocs taking hours to sync, after several frustrating attempts now have set Daedalus to open up on computer start up and it syncs in a couple of minuets now.

thank you very much