CF Delegation Application Form is open for the next round (April 2022)


the CF Delegation Application Form is open for the next round. Remember: it is not about sending the form as soon as possible. There is still plenty of time to collect contributions until April.

Please visit Cardano Foundation's New Delegation Methodology: Supporting the Architects of the Future for further details. (TLDR: We’re looking for outstanding contributions to the Cardano Ecosystem)

Form link is: Delegation Application Form


Neat, good luck everyone.

I really interested in the question list that CF ask submitter, very specific, quality and quantity


Is is possible to know the final date for submission ?
It will help plan accordingly.

Thank you,

The form will close on April the 2nd. To be on the safe side in every time zone, please submit on April the 1st. (this is not a joke :grinning:)


Apply for the fourth =)))

I submitted on April First! No Joke! :grinning:
Best of luck everyone!

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wondering did my application got submitted, didn’t get any confirmation or other email after submission.