CF Delegation Application Form is open for the next round (January 2023)

I would like to add to what @COSDpool wrote on the cost side of this. (which was true) but there are also other reasons.

The conclusion is understandable: “you have shortlisted 70 pools, and you delegate to 45 why not just increase to for example 70?” - It’s worth mentioning that there is a requirement to have about double the amount of pools shortlisted (If doable) that we can delegate to. This is to make sure that the team who works on the evaluation does not have a direct influence on the delegations. (Random draw is done by a different team) So increasing the number of packages to 70 would also increase the number of shortlisted pools to 140. (At the moment, we would not be able to deliver 140 pools. We already can’t find 90 pools in each round that contribute enough to the ecosystem in terms of delegation strategy to justify a delegation.)