Chain Density Falling

I am noticing a sharp drop in Chain Density in my node metrics dashboard. Is it happening with everyone else, or is it just me?

Chain density should be around 5, but it is currently ~4.8065. Is this same for everyone?

Hello Saad,

Chain density refers to the blocks produced versus total slots. We see 432000 slots per epoch. There is a 5% block coefficient which implies there is a 5% chance a slot will get a block (on average we see one block every 20 seconds). So a 5% chain density implies near perfect block production from pools .

We recently lowered d to 0.8, so community pools are minting more blocks - the decreasing chain density reflects blocks not being minted that should be (community pools missing blocks as now w/ d = 0.8 they have more assigned slots).


Thanks for the detailed answer.

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My pleasure, Saad!

ADAfrog is king

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