[CCIO] Cardano Stake Pool

Introducing [CCIO] Cardano Stake Pool

Ticker: CCIO
Saturation: 0%
Live Stake: 171.99k ₳
Active Stake: 172.14k ₳
Pledge: 170.00k ₳
Margin: 5%
Fixed Cost: 340 ₳ is here to support both the Mainnet and the Testnets for Cardano. We believe in economic freedom, social justice and decentralization. We love technology and coming up with solutions to problems. We’d like to continue this and create proposals for CIP and Project Catalyst. If your interested in learning more about us you can review the website, but if you want a quick exposure to things that cross our mind you can read:

Reducing Landfill Waste While Empowering Impoverished Countries

Pool Architecture:
The pool is a mix of bare metal in colocation, cloud instances on two different providers and residential relays on three different ISP’s. Our goal is to provide an extreme level of SPO decentralization while at the same time providing redundancy during cloud and residential service provider failures.

The setup has a total of 9 active nodes: 7 relays; one active core; one standby core. The active core node is going to be housed at the data center colocation, and has a local high speed low latency relay node. A stanby core is kept in sync to the current tip and automation has been implemented to quickly bring the standby core online, while at the same time disabling the primary core if it is accessible, or power down the managed PDU if not, so it will not be able to cause adversarial forking if it were to come back online. Most relay nodes are geographically disbursed throughout the US, with one located in the Europe and all nodes are monitored and graphed for performance metrics.

We are a small pool with 170K pledge and zero delegators. We do not expect to mint a block in the next 10+ epochs unless we start to take on delegators. This was expected for us, as Cardano and being a Stake Pool Operator for Cardano is a passion project. So we expected to be paying all pool expenses out of pocket for the next 24-48 epochs anyway. However, we would love to see delegators read up about us and those that share our views show support by delegating to CCIO.

Our roadmap is to provide:

  • One of the most secure stake pool environments possible.
  • Support for Goguen & Voltaire by providing Core & Relay nodes to all Cardano Testnets
  • Oracle services to facilitate off chain data to smart contracts.
  • Additional core and relay nodes and expanded nodes as the network grows.
  • Additional tools, block/pool explorers, automation playbooks for SPO’s, etc.
  • Microservices orchestration creating a fully self healing architecture, shared with small and big SPO’s alike. feels that small SPO’s are critical to supporting the decentralization of the Cardano ecosystem. We want to work with all SPO’s, but especially to help small SPO’s survive. When new SPO features are released on the Mainnet we invite all SPO’s to reach out to us and discuss how we can collaborate. We are also open to expanding the team with like minded individuals who have a vision and ideas about how to leverage the blockchain. Below are some links so you can find out more about people behind, including our Introduction and candidate proposal for SPOCRA board member. SPOCRA Introduction SPOCRA Candidacy Proposal Website
Team Lead LinkedIn Profile
Telegram: @TL_Benson
Discord: @CryptoCarl [CCIO]#9464

Great introduction! You will attract many delegators, good luck with your pool!