Changes (new alias, step back from fora)

Hi everyone,

The things I’m about to share have been brewing a bit for the past few weeks, and I felt today was a good day for me to just draw a line and process them. I’ve written them down in this post titled “Goodbye Belowsearcher, hello Undersearcher”.

To summarize, two things will change regarding my forum usage for the time being (that are completely unrelated):

  • Since my Belowsearcher alias got suspended from Twitter for unclear reasons two weeks ago, I’ve been using this Undersearcher Twitter alias there to still use the service. Today I’ve decided to rename all my channels to Undersearcher for consistency and continue under that name.
  • I’ve decided to take a step back from this forum, Telegram and Reddit. Essentially, I just want to spend less time filtering information and more effectively spend my time to add value to the ecosystem as an ambassador, which I hope to do by focusing on Medium and Twitter for now.

I’ll make sure to post new articles here when they’re out, but other than that you’ll see me around a lot less for the time being. Best of luck to everyone. :v:t2:




Hi Undersearcher,

I’m already excited to read more articles from you in the future :+1: