Charles Hoskinson vs Chico Crypto

Just grab an Xbox or Playstation and fight on Street Fighter, chill and have a cold one.

Or go full Rocky , donate to Charity and shill about ADA Cardano.

Cheers Viewers …

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They don’t call boxing the sweet science for nothing!

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Need a fight! Betting bookmakers need to do in ADA


I am confident to see Charles kicking the s***t out of Chico - and i really want to see that! I hope there will be some how a life broadcast so i can see it in Germany. I just can’t await seeing Charles to arrange Chicos face new! … (normally i am not a big fan of boxing - i am a surfer, not a boxer - but this is an exception)

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Charles, if you’re reading this, send one of your autographed Boxing gloves to Russia after the fight, we’re rooting for you! :muscle: :fire: :fire: :fire:


Charles is a very smart guy, except when he lets his feelings run away with him. IMO this is not a smart move, he’d be very much better to ignore such f***wits as Chico the Sleaze, and keep some dignity.


A real boxing fight would be nice though…2 amateurs fighting each other would surely be entertaining
If both are willing to do it why not^^


Stupid hype.
They never will fight.
I do not understand why Hoskinson do that.
More interested see how Charles speak with Saudi sheikh


if they have to have some sort of competition then I’d rather see them thrash it out over a game of chess or something, that’s more Charles style. In fact I’d rather he didn’t engage with anyone like Chico at all. I’d rather he aligned himself with business partners and governments


A Chess Match is a good idea.

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I like the idea of maybe reskinning some Tekken chars. But I’d only be able to get behind like Heihachi reskinned for Charles and Gon for Chico Crypto.

I’ll skip the real fight. Absolutely no endorsement though it was an interesting drunk Twitter moment.

Any publicity is good publicity here?

I think in general the FUDmeter has been high. Like one crypto post that made it to my newsfeed was absolutely ridiculous and was declaring the Shelley Test was a failure. Like a couple of weeks ago before it had started.

And it was a premium article, with no content unless you paid, and no place for comments so people could say ‘WTF’.


People gotta try hard to slam ADA now b/c it is so ___