Charles is getting through a hard time

Here are screenshots from :

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(Not 100% sure if he is real Charles Hoskinson though)



LATER EDIT: It has now become legible, before it looked different. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Charles and Elon Musk are bros, that’s cool. Charles takes some punishment on twitter too. We need to rally support behind him. It is too easy for the haters to attack. A few kind words will go a long way.


He’s said today he’s taking a break from Twitter.


Can anyone confirm that this is real?

To be honest this is really pathetic, hopefully he will use this opportunity to grow stronger and be above this. Since its probably the first time he has been in a situation like this. He is probably working super-hard, drained out and then all of this on top of it… But it is something he must overcome and never repeat.

He is intellectually superior and a savage compared whoever is commenting on his twitter, their opinions and comments should have no value.

He will get lots of hate and it will only grow from here on, but the flip side there will be lots of love to. Thats just how it is, lots of people are going to lose money thats how the market works. The money that was lost went to better liquidity providers.

He has to be above this, and he has to understand that he is not in control of the market, even if he does the a perfect job, most people will lose money - even when ADA rises, most people will manage to lose money - and he will be the face of that - even though he shouldn’t be - but thats how the public work. You will be a over-hyped godlike creature when things go well, and the same people will throw you under the bus the next moment. Thats the pros and cons of being a Public Figure.

If he cant handle it, he should demote himself to oversee the technical aspect aspect of Cardano (because obviously we wont find anyone better than him to do that, and at the same time being a huge face of Cardano) but find a CEO that can handle the masses, take the heat and blame, and destroy these fuckers, not everyone is made for that.

He needs to grow with the task and get to a point where he is completely unfazed by public opinion because the hate is always going to be more predominant, since that is an emotion that gets people to react, hence creating a skewed picture of reality.


Seriously? who could believe this?

If it’s real he probably needs a week off. Someone tell him to take a few days holiday.

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Elon musk is obviously a fake and are we even sure that Charles is authentic either?

He posted on his twitter that he was taking a break, and that comments were hurtful… So it could easily be real. Even the twitter post is pathetic enough… Thats not how you deal with things like this as a leader if you want people to follow you… Humans are wired to be lead, we look for certainty in leaders, in a uncertain world. People dont even care if you right, if you are stupid, if you are an asshole, they just want you to be certain.


That’s sad. The wider crypto community can be pretty brutal and it’s real bad right now because everyone’s scrapping for position. Not that that’s any excuse for some of the things that are written, especially personal. Don’t let it get to you and change you. Enjoy the traveling and meeting people and keep posting the food shots! :clap:t2:


True, the guy is quite young after all and got in the spotlight quickly and strongly. I think I can excuse him if he may sound pathetic in some texts/rants.

To be fair it will not hurt if he works more In the shadow, image wise will just give an aura of higher knowledge/superiority/professionalism


It wont if others made him do it, and it is not What Charles wanted. That is the difference. Charles needs to do what the fuck ever he wants to do. People will line up behind that, and others wont. If he changes to the will of the public, no one will line up for that. Throwing a taper tantrum in a moment of weakness does 10x more damage than any negative or false comments of Cardano spread by the public. You might think this is a small deal, but it is not, I can guarantee you that there will be tons of people reading that twitter post and getting a very weird feeling in their stomach and that is totally natural.

It doesn’t matter if its rational but people are emotional beings. Humans despise uncertainty, they follow people who they perceive to be equals or superior to themselves. They do not follow anyone they perceive to be inferior. That is just how humans work, you must understand and capitalize on that.

We dont want someone to need our support or validation for them to do their function, because that is a exploitable weakness (and we know this on a subconscious level) it makes humans trust that person less…

I know it is generalizing, but we need to operate on a world of how the majority of people work.

If ADA is crashing and the masses have doubt, who do most people look to (because they dont fully crasp how things work) they look to Charles… is he calm? is he acting like everything is fine? If he does, that conveys that everything is fine and under control…

Being affected by the situation does not convey this.

I know things are going to be fine, because I know Charles is a fucking great, but this is something he has to overcome and learn from, I hope he reads this thread actually - encouraging him with nice words and support is not what he needs, this is a conceptual matter that needs to be dealt with rationally.

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This is fake, yes?

I don’t know if it is but even if it is fake, there’s been more than enough rubbish and very unkind things written lately.

I’m 99% IT’S FAKE AF

Probably right, hope so

The only reason you hope this is because of the emotional side of you - if you look at this rationally it does not matter if it is real or not. Charles Hoskinson is a Human, hence he will have human tendencies.

The reason people want to jump the Its all “fake” as their first response is due to cognitive dissonance on a subconscious level you feel defrauded because something was not what you believed it was (again on a subconscious level) hence you retreat to the reaction of hoping or claiming its fake.

Again there is no necessity for this if you look at this on rational level.


If the above might be fake, his tweet from earlier today doesn’t seem fake (unless his account has been hacked)

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no. it just looks fake af.

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this otoh looks real.