Charles - Working On the System VS Working In the System

In this video Charles explains why all political ideologies have failed to stop corruption and provide equal access to society’s resources. Then he succinctly explains why Cardano can and will solve this problem.

Charles is right out of the book Illuminatus. He is the hero (and pirate), Hagbard Celine. Hagbard’s main point was that if you are right, left, or center then you are thinking within a system that doesn’t work. We can only make it better when we start to think above the system. Also Hagbard invented a currency backed by marijuana. While Charles never suggested that, he did note here that legalizing marijuana in Colorado helped to defund the prison industry which feeds upon black lives while the new tax revenue funds social programs that lift up all people.

This is the video that I will be showing people to explain why the Cardano Project must be supported.


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