Charles' response to Cardanopolis video

If we are going to actually solve the problems that plague mankind we need to communicate more with each other not less.

Video he was responding too:

In the video above Charles opens with comments on black lives and finishes with comments on Marxism. Charles has been distracted for a moment. If you are right, left, or center then you are thinking within a system that doesn’t work. We can only make it better when we start to think above the system. Cardano works above the system and is poised to end all kinds of human suffering including the killing of black people by the police and mass-incarceration of black people. When black people have control of their own money and use this power collectively then cops will treat black people the same way they treat white people. Thank you Charles and the Cardano community for making this possible.

The justice/police/prison industry is a living complex adaptive system that feeds on black men. It is a living creature that humans are not able to see. It seeks to feed, grow, learn, adapt, defend itself and reproduce. It has a will which is independent of it’s membership while it’s members are not even aware of it’s existence and yet they do as it wills them to do. Talking about politics makes it more difficult to see this creature as it devours the lives of black men and the lives of divorced fathers as well. Feeding on fathers destroys the next generation of children as well so that the feeding can continue. Black people explain this as systemic racism. White people explain this as law and order. No one sees that the justice system is a living thing that must feed to stay alive. The mechanism by which this creature feeds is every bit as complex as Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration. The important thing to understand is that our cells get much of their energy to live from glucose while the justice creature derives much of it’s energy to live from black men.

I have already started working in Africa to spread the use of cryptocurrency and am about to start my work in the United States. I am going to volunteer my time in the Black Community teaching people how to securely own Cardano. I see this as an extension of Charles’ Africa first strategy applied locally here in the United States.

  1. Get the under represented into the Cardano system.
  2. When the world sees how powerful they become then everyone else will line up to get in too.
  3. When all individuals are in control of their own money and can take it with them to another country then governments will compete for citizens with representation, services, and respect for humanity.

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