Love Cardano!

Or the idea of it… The eloquent and intellectual discussion that Charles has with just about anyone willing to listen. Smart and dedicated, no doubt. Reminds me a bit of Snowden, not in the whistleblowing context that first comes to mind when you think of Ed, but in the self indulged ways; listen to the Joe Rogan interview with Snowden and you’ll know what I’m talking about. As much of a chatterbox Rogan is, I think he got 10 words in that interview. Charles loves himself some Hoskinson, that’s okay, nothing wrong with that.
The other uncanny resemblance to Ed is the misguided direction that stems from a sense of giving the world an unsolicited solution, and while it sounds absolutely humane and just, it’s just not feasible or the approach lacks tact. Yes we know the government is listening to our calls, reading our messages, and recording our metadata; we are still using iPhones, Androids, and equipping our houses with more listening devices with Alexa and Google Home, yet Ed is in Russia and we missed the opportunity to make an impact. I can’t help but draw the parallel with Cardano targeting Africa, and DiCaprio in Blood Diamond. This is Africa! People just don’t care.


Things change slowly until they change quickly.

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