Check My Wallet balance online

Hi Everyone, Is there away to check my wallet’s ADA balance online?

I deleted my wallet off of my computer just in case it is compromised by hacker. I have the recovery seed, and public address, so i can reactiviate the wallet at any time, and can keep sending ada coins to this “offline wallet”. My intention is to hold my ada so I have no plans to reactivate my wallet anytime soon. I want to keep sending ada to this “offline wallet”, therefore need to confirm that every ada sent to this wallet made it in without having to reactivate the wallet on my computer to check.
(Ripple has this feature to check your wallet’s balance online by inserting the wallet’s public address: I am wondering if I can do the same with ADA coins.

Much appreciated for feedback guys.

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I just tried putting my public address into and it wasn’t found, but searching on the TxId of one of the transactions (found on the exchange) also brings up details of the others. You have to work out the total yourself though!

Excellent RobJF, it tried it ( and it works. It shows the balance in my "offline wallet"
much appreciated, and have a great day!

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