Checklist when minting first block

Hi there - as I wait eagerly for the chance to mint my first block would it be possible for some of the more experienced SPOs to advise on things we need to check when minting our first block to ensure everything has worked OK and that delegators will get rewarded. For example say I was to run the leaderlogs and they show that a slot has been allocated my questions would be:

  • Is there anything we need to watch out for on the BP node at the specific time that the block will be minted?
  • How many epochs after the minting do we check that delegators have been paid?
  • Anything else?

I think the newer operators would really appreciate some tips here so as to be 100% sure that their setup is working as it should.

Thanks in advance

GNP1 Stakepool

one EPOCH has 432.000 slots.
i divided to 120(which are the 120 hours in 5 days) and you find the slots per hour.

from leaderlog you have info on which exactly slot you will produce the block.
then, with this 2 infos you can define.

if there is faster way :slight_smile: please help me too.

payment will be after 5-10 days aafter the end of the EPOCH you produced a block

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I would avoid announcing to your delegates that a block is coming. Because there is still rounding errors in the leaderlogs.

  • Make sure you have enough main memory on your node. It helps to introduce a swapfile.
  • 2 epochs
  • Check your setup on testnet. This helps in any case. I did not mint, yet, but at least I am sure my setup is rolling.


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If a slot was assigned to u, you will know the time when it will happen and be sure u are not performing any upgrades/changes on your Producer which can lead to loss the slot




Check periodicaly the status of your nodes, keep them upgraded, check keys expiration date, etc


Fantastic - thanks for the advice everyone. I have 8 GB or RAM on the BP but I can allocate more since it is a VM - is it worth giving it more during the minting period?

check your performance of your system, especially of your producer, and be sure you dont run any topologyupater…
many people did it, they had cpu issues.

for the relays, you need topologyupdater.

8g should be more than enough… the new version 1.25. which is in tests right now will consume less resources than 1.24.2


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What kind of upgrades will have to be done when Goguen comes in - will this be a major upgrade to the nodes?

Thanks - yes I dont have any topologyupdater on the BP node

at hw level shouldn’t be

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make sure that you have incoming connections for your relay. Open port is needed for that.

thanks - yes of course