Is there any way to check if my node is minting blocks?


I recently started my stake pool and after 3 epochs I discovered that both my nodes are relay nodes so I couldnt mint any blocks. I fixed this issue but I need to know if my pool is ready to mint blocks.

Is there any way to check this?

Thanks a lot

On the block producer, you want to see one incoming connection (i.e. that of your relay) and the BP should be processing Tx. Also you might want to run the leaderlog

I do see 1 connection and the BP is processign Tx but when we checked leaderlog it returned no slots found in current epoch.

Does that mean we were not assigned any block?


Yes, leaderlog can show you your schedule for the previous, current and next epoch

And beside all mentioned, u also need to see in glive CORE MAINNET and infos about KES expiration date and blocks info